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Self-Care Academy®, and it’s component NurseFit®was created from the desire to combine the theory of caring science, research in Compassion Fatigue and extensive self-care knowledge. Studies have shown a direct relationship between lack of self-care in caregivers and increased risk of Compassion Fatigue. Self-Care Academy founder, Kim Richards, a nurse, fitness/yoga instructor and Health Coach is passionate about self-care awareness and strongly believes that caregivers need practical tools to help navigate the complex, intense and ever changing healthcare environment.

Self-Care Academy integrates the elements of mind, body and spirit to create self-nurturing,  self-compassionate and healthy self-care behaviors in an effort to support individual resiliency, improve teamwork and ultimately improve patient care.

Self-Care Academy is committed to providing the most convenient program to fit the needs, budget and outcomes of caregivers and employers.

Healing ourselves is pivotal to healing others.

Obligatory or guilt-driven self-denial is always undermining, leading to anger, resentment and pain.  An empty vessel has little to offer.  Moreover, giving to others without first taking care of ourselves is inevitably an act of self-sabotage.

Barbara Stanny


Invite Kim to Speak!  Honoring your caregivers is not just a Nurses’ Week celebration. Let Kim assist your team in creating their own self-care journey by applying practical self-care strategies into their lives, improving resilience, teamwork and optimal healing environments. Kim is booking speaking engagements, workshops and group coaching for 2017.

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Invite Kim to help you and your team

exploring each of the six pathways of self-care to create
a sustainable plan to improve resiliency and engagement.


Kim Richards’ class, Build your Own Self-Care Tool Box Workshop, is sorely needed in the nursing profession where our innate nature as caregivers spills into all aspects of our lives, and may lead to compassion fatigue and/or burnout. This class is a wake-up call to all fellow nurses: Take care of yourself, and know yourself and your limits, and find balance in your lives. You cannot give 100% to all the roles you play when there is only a total of 100% to give!

For many of us, our work is intertwined with our lives – it gives us meaning and purpose. Balance is something I personally strive for, and as Kim states, it is not a destination, but a journey – she is spot on!”

Patricia A. Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN

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