kimKim Richards, RN, NC-BC, Integrative Nurse Health Coach
Founder/Owner of Self-Care Academy® and its component NurseFit®
As a nurse and an executive recruiter, Kim became increasingly aware of the “revolving door” of nurses in acute care facilities. After interviewing hundreds of nurses, Kim noticed a common theme was emerging. Nurses were expressing signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, a debilitating phenomenon that is caused by years of built up emotional residue. By combining her passion for nursing, fitness and coaching as well as her extensive research on the science of self-care, Kim created the components of Self-Care Academy, LLC, and it’s component NurseFit®, a comprehensive program that is dedicated to improving employee engagement, relationships with peers and creating an optimum healing environment for patients. Through coaching sessions, active participation andKim Richards NurseFit® learning various modalities of self-care and stress reduction, the SCA program creates a lasting behavioral shift that is documented by measurable metrics.


Kim & ValentinoI believe that lasting change occurs when the mind connects with the heart. We each were called to the healthcare  profession because we deeply care about making a difference in others lives. We have the opportunity to BE the example of  good health, wholeness, and lead the charge for profound care in the future. Let’s use our influence by reflecting on our own self-care, walking our talk, and taking action to ensure we burn brightly without burning out.  Kim Richards


As well as offering workshops, Kim is an inspirational keynote speaker for hospitals, nursing organizations and national conferences.


She is an active member of the


Kim lives in Colorado with her two Golden Retrievers Sammy and Mocha. Kim enjoys a very active lifestyle of hiking, biking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. She teaches aerobics, spinning, kickboxing and yoga. She enjoys traveling, volunteering, reading and encouraging others to create their best life without limitation.


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