Fat, Over Fifty, Frumpy and Fried

Remember the old saying that laughter is the best medicine? (Norman Cousins) Well, here’s how one nurse’s flames of burnout, cultivated “fresh growth” seeded by the support and exploration within study and practices from her enrollment in the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. Within her intention of a visionary book project ignited by her benefits of burnout, LuAnn, realizing her awakened status as “fat, over fifty, frumpy and fried” truly promotes the power within to alleviate pain. As a psych nurse and independent energy wellness consultant and now having the “burning desire” to use laughter as a pathway for release and healing, she endorses: “There’s nothing like an endorphin lavage to sooth the adrenal burn”…

Here’s an excerpt taken from her manuscript, with hopes to dose you a chuckle or two…



My historical Top Ten “Evidenced based indicators” I was destined for nursing…
Lu Ann Wahl RN. HN-BC, CHTP

10. I was a little too fascinated with what I saw swirling in the toilet on the flush down…

9. It didn’t bother me to help Mom in the kitchen when she needed a volunteer to mix the egg yolks, raw hamburger and ketchup.

8. I could comfortably bait my own fishhook and compassionately tell that slimy worm, “Don’t worry; it’s going to be O.K”.

7. Innate “Intel on Distress”:  The universal sign for “choking”, the universal sign for “gotta pee” or the body language of pain for “I just crashed on the bike bar” (consequently, first experience in cultivating the art of empathetic sensitivity).

6. Flipping through the pages of National Geographic was more “interesting” vs. “erotic” Hmmmm is that so?

5. Seeing the Peanuts’ cartoon with Lucy and her version of a lemon-aid stand, “Advice” made sense.

4. When my girlfriends shared their “crush stories” about uniformed men, my mind popped up Dr. Joe Gannon, MD in his OR scrubs…

3. My Easy-Bake-Oven was more like a pharmaceutical lab for ointments and pastes.

2. Somewhere between preschool and puberty I gathered that I “hurt deeply” when made fun of; I “felt bad, that I wasn’t good enough” ‘cause I didn’t feel, look, act or think like the beautiful popular ones; that a certain touch or a comment could wound and rewound me for many years: There was no amount of “External Fix” be it medical, surgical or “NOS” to ease the suffering in my soul… Except… when someone took the time to hold space for me to uncover what I couldn’t see in myself—unconditionally, compassionately, in loving recognition without judgment that honored my “OK-ness”.  I received it and wanted to find it in myself. I knew I wanted to share it with others.

And the #1 indicator I knew I was destined for nursing?

1. A typical day of crisis, anxiety, mystery, unpredictability, mood swings, uncertainty, “isms”, messiness, trauma , drama, tears, pain, joy, creativity, laughter and exhaustion…. Paradoxically?   FELT LIKE HOME! : )