Raising My Awareness

It’s Laura again, back to share with you my experience with My Self-Care Journey Assessment. I took it a few days ago. It’s all electronic – I just sat down in front of my computer, made everyone else in the house disappear, and I was done in no time. The format was easy to use:  I read a statement and then answered how I best described my behavior now and how I would like it to be in the future. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. There was no right or wrong answer – it’s really just an assessment of what is important to me, what I want to change and how I go about changing it.  I got the results immediately and began the process of setting up my own personal self care plan.

One of the most important benefits I gained from taking the assessment was just raising my awareness level on where I was mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  The process made me stop and think about what I like about my job.   I like to teach, I like the appreciation I get from my primary MD,  I enjoy mentoring others and I pride myself in being productive and efficient.  The assessment also forced me to think about what I enjoy in my personal life – this was the easiest part.  I like spending time with my 8 year old granddaughter, reading, crocheting, getting massages, walking with my husband, seeing movies, doing puzzles, making pottery, painting, sewing, knitting, going to basketball games – the list was endless!

I was then asked to write my self- care goals for week 1.   Simple is better, I learned.  Set yourself up for success.  I’ll share with you two of the goals I set:

  1. I will take my morning and afternoon breaks every day next week and
  2. I will look into a local art class.

At least by putting these out there to everyone, I feel more obligated to achieve them.  I am asking all of you out there to hold me accountable (and support me)!