Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

  • Are you feeling stuck about “what is the next step” of a process or situation you are in or contemplating?
  • Are you asking, “how do I start, what can I do”?

Wherever you are, coaching can help with clarifying intentions and purpose and assist in discovery of “the next steps…”


An Integrative Nurse Coach (INC) provides support and structure for a client who is interested in pursuing wellness, adjusting to and/or making life changes, navigating their health care, working with or preventing chronic disease, and dealing with a health and/or life challenge.

Coaching works within a therapeutic, collaborative and caring environment which facilitates and encourages a client’s own process of beliefs and their receptivity for optimal wellness in mental, physical and emotional health, spiritual well-being, relationships and environmental life style.

Each of us have within us all the resources to create change and motivation for oneself.

The Nurse Coach is not a therapist and doesn’t ‘fix’ the client’s problems. Their role is to assist the client with their own exploration of actions and lifestyle adaptations that bring about specific, measurable and realistic change. The change is therefore meaningful and important to the client.

The Nurse Coach provides specific tools that help inspire the client, such as, inquiry, awareness practices, imagery and information and strategies. Also bringing their professional expertise, integrity, and accountability of medical, emotional assessment knowledge and the ability to access resources, information and make referrals.

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